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United States Army


Top Secret/SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information) Clearance, Strategic Planning, Quality Assurance, Logistics, Operations, Project Management, Accountability, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Adobe Acrobat, Strong Work Ethics, Leader, Delegater, Self-Starter, Supply Chain Manager, Materials Manager, Logistics Manager, Warehouse, Purchasing, Transactions, Cycle Count Program, Inventory, Cost Levels, Inventory Analysis, Financial Reporting, Supervisor, Assessment, Procurement



  • 15+ years United States Army Veteran; possess U.S. government Top Secret/SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information) clearance
  • Restructured supply chain methodology, resulting in a savings of $1M
  • Developed and implemented budgeting operations
  • Developed technical guidelines & reports
  • Managed assets over 200 Million dollars
  • Adjunct Faculty member teaching 3 Supply Chain Management Courses
  • Expert in ISO 9001 compliance



United States Military Academy  (West Point, NY)
BS in Operations Management Curriculum; Major – General Management  GPA 3.8

  • Superintendent’s Award; Color Guard Captain;  Varsity Basketball



2009 – Leadership and Management Training, Ft Hood, TX
2005 – Command and General Staff Officers Course, Ft Leavenworth, KS

2004 – Support Operations Course, Ft Hood, TX
2002 – Combined Arms and Service Staff School,  Ft Leavenworth, KS



U.S. Army Reserve Command  (Fort Bragg, NC) 
2010 – 2013
Operations Officer

  • Personnel Security Manager responsible for the maintenance of the Security Access Roster (SAR)
  • Selected to serve as the security manager for two major command conferences, maintaining and monitoring security
  • Maintained and tracked the access roster of over 200 personnel used to restrict access to secure areas
  • Established tracking mechanisms to monitor and brief the training status of over 300,000 command personnel

US Army I Corps (Fort Riley, KS)
2007 – 2010
Intelligence Officer                                          

  • Tracked current and future operations within the I Corps area of operations and maintained situational awareness
  • Produced and briefed weekly Command Update briefings and the I Corps Command Intelligence Briefing
  • Led an intelligence team of 20, organizing, directing, and editing their production of intelligence materials
  • Provided Corps supervision of intelligence support from sanctuary for multiple deployed Fort Lewis units

US Army 1st Infantry Division (Fort Belvoir, VA)
2006 – 2007
Intelligence Operations Officer

  • Resourced and coordinated Army level intelligence support to training missions which trained and deployed advisory teams
  • Established a program in which deploying personnel received intelligence refresher training, cultural immersion and language instruction
  • Provided an independent analysis on the quality of instruction provided by Defense Language Institute (DLI) instructors.
  • Managed limited resources by creating effective training schedules that included the use of Defense Language Institute (DLI) instructors

Task Force 1st Armored Division (TF 1AD) in Baghdad)
2001 – 2005
Intelligence Officer

  • Managed and directed a staff of four, responsible for providing timely and accurate intelligence analysis products and briefs to the senior leadership
  • Intelligence analysis included daily intelligence update briefs on the enemy situation throughout the area of operations as well as threat analysis updates
  • Reviewed, categorized and analyzed collected data providing recommended actions and ensured immediate dissemination as required for units on the ground
  • Developed over 300 (IED) improvised explosive devices post blast analysis products, while deployed in Iraq



Invictus Security – Boynton Beach, FL
2011 – 2013
Private Security Contractor

  • Disaster zone security detail during emergency and restoration operations
  • Provided mobile and static security for Invictus personnel, equipment and staging sites in and around New Orleans, LA during Hurricane Isaac
  • Promoted to ground coordinator to provide oversight of security personnel and all staging sites
  • Ensured all visitor’s had proper credentials to enter the facility



I had an instance that involved a mix up in an order placed by a Customer that resulted in the customer receiving the wrong items.  The items could not be returned for resale or reuse.  The customer was very upset and wanted her money refunded.  Through my ability to patiently listen, empathize and identify the customer’s needs, I was able to convince the customer to accept a discount on a future purchase in lieu of a cash refund or returning item



Incident Response Leader, Disaster Action Team American Red Cross, Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter

  • Managed Red Cross personnel and response on local disaster scene
  • Coordinated Red Cross response with partner agencies on scene of local disasters



Colonel John Smith
Fort McClellan, Alabama
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Brigadier General John Doe
Fort Gordon, Georgia

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Mary James
West Point Academy, New York

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